WaterStrategy is an online collaboration platform for water resource system analysis and planning. Its simulations help explore options and make decisions from local water supply systems to complex international river basins. Water models are built, updated, run, visualized, and shared in a web interface.

Use cases

Assessing interventions (new infrastructure and policies) in water resource systems.


Climate change impact assessments.


Multisector evaluation of water supply and allocation in water-energy-food-environment systems.


Integrated water resources management (IWRM) studies and river basin planning studies.


Easy-to-use graphical user interface for water-energy-food-environment system modeling.

Cloud computing to securely manage large datasets and models on Microsoft Azure.

Track system evolution over space and time (flows, storages, abstractions, transfers, etc.) and report on system performance (reliability, resilience, vulnerability, cost, etc.).

Share models and results in a secure and controlled way within teams and with decision-makers and stakeholders.


Simulations use the open source Python Water Resources (‘Pywr’) model.


Data is managed by Hydra Platform, an open-source data manager.


The open-source Pynsim library is used to connect models when needed.